Shepherd Group
Environmental Policy

The Group has been contributing to the built environment for over one hundred years and fully recognises the widespread implications of its operations for the natural environment, and its responsibilities towards protection of that environment.

Shepherd’s approach is reflected in responsible practices concerning conservation and sustainable use of natural resources, and in working to minimise environmental pollution in its own activities and through its influence over others.

The Group's Environmental policy is a framework under which the individual companies within the Group conduct their business in a responsible manner in order to minimise any adverse effects on the environment. Within this framework, each principal subsidiary company has formulated a compatible policy covering their individual spheres of business activities and incorporating measurable targets that are reviewed and monitored by each company’s board of directors. Performance against those targets across the Group is monitored by the Group Environmental Committee and reported to the Group Board.

Over and above continuing compliance with applicable UK environmental legislation and good practice, each principal subsidiary company pledges to manage its business according to the following guiding principles that will be applied wherever practicable. They will be given a high priority in the definition and implementation of corporate strategies, and in developing environmental management systems appropriate to each company’s overall operations.

  • Endeavour to conduct operations and handle materials, products and waste in a manner that protects the environment and conserves energy; providing advice to suppliers, contractors and others where necessary.
  • Undertake appropriate internal reviews and evaluations of operations to measure progress and ensure compliance with the above principles on a regular basis and formally at least once each year.
  • Adopt appropriate procedures, practices and operating guidelines, including measurable targets, with the objective of protecting the environment.
  • Where harmful substances are handled or used or harmful emissions created, to develop and maintain procedures to minimise the risk of accidental leaks.
  • Develop, implement and monitor programmes to manage overall emissions and waste generation and disposal to minimise environmental impact.
  • Support among employees and contractors an individual and a collective sense of responsibility for protecting the environment.

The Group Board keeps the objectives of this policy under review to ensure it remains suitable, and to ensure that the environmental performance of the Group continues to improve.

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