Oak tree planted to mark 50 years of portakabin company

The Portakabin business is 50 years old in 2011 and the first event of the celebrations was a ceremonial tree planting outside the main gates of the Portakabin head office, at Huntington, York.

Patrick Shepherd, Deputy Group Chairman of the Shepherd Group, who is the son of the late Donald Shepherd, who invented the Portakabin concept, and Stephen Price, Chairman of Portakabin Limited, were in attendance to mark this special start to the Portakabin half-centenary.

The Shepherd Group is a corporate sponsor of Kew at Castle Howard Arboretum Trust and the Trust advised the company on the choice of an English oak tree for the occasion, to symbolise the enduring, sustainable and UK nature of the innovative Portakabin business.

  • The Portakabin business forms part of the Shepherd Group Industrial Division.
  • The original Portakabin concept of an easily relocatable, factory finished modular building has been developed into a wide range of the most advanced, high quality modular buildings available.
  • The Portakabin business was Registered in March 1961, the same month that another great British design icon, the Jaguar E-type sports car, was announced at the Geneva Motor Show.