Drax announces contract with Shepherd Group

Drax has announced that it has entered into a contract with the Shepherd Group ("Shepherd") for biomass-related construction works at the Drax Power Station site.

Last month, Drax confirmed its plans to invest £50 million this year in new biomass storage and handling facilities and other plant modifications to secure full benefit from its existing co-firing facilities.  The contract with Shepherd will assist in delivering the capability to produce up to 20% of the power station's output from sustainable biomass.

Commenting on the contract, Mark Perkins, Chief Executive of Shepherd's Built Environment Division said: "We are delighted to be working with Drax.  Shepherd Group's designers have worked closely with the Drax team to develop integrated technical solutions that will create world leading biomass facilities and support Drax's intention to become a lower carbon generator."

"The project will also generate wider opportunitites for local people in terms of employment and skills training, and we will be maximising opportunities for local businesses, working closely with our supply chain partners throughout the build."

Dorothy Thompson, Drax Chief Executive said: "We are pleased to announce the contract with Shepherd which marks the next step in our biomass journey.  Delivering reliable, low carbon power in the most cost effective way is a win-win-win, it's good for security of supply, good for the environment and reduces the cost burden on consumers' energy bills."

"Drax is ready to transform itself into a predominantly biomass fuelled generator, but to do so we need appropriate regulatory support, and to that end we look forward to the timely conclusion of the Government's current review of the future support levels for renewable technologies."

In October 2011, the Government announced its proposals for the future subsidy levels for renewable technologies.  Drax welcomed the creation of a new band for 'enhanced co-firing', but added that a moderate uplift of the proposed level would be necessary to maximise the full potential of Drax to produce this low carbon, low cost and reliable form of renewable power.

Increasing the power station's biomass co-firing capability to 20% of output will ensure that Drax qualifies for increased support under the new proposals.  However, further significant investment to transform Drax into a predominantly biomass fuelled generator is dependent upon appropriate regulatory support.  The Government aims to publish its response to the consultation on future support levels in the Spring and legislate in the Summer.


About Drax

  1. Drax is the owner of Drax Power Station, the largest, cleanest and most efficient coal-fired power station in the UK. The capacity  of the power station's six generators is 4,000MW.  At current output levels it meets some 7-8% of the UK's electricity.
  2. Drax has been burning sustainable biomass to generate electricity since 2003.  During 2011, Drax undertook extensive biomass R&D work and has confidence in the technical capability to transform Drax Power Station into a predominantly boimass fuelled generator.