Yorkon Modular Buildings - expanded range of colour options boosts flexibility

The latest building system available for Yorkon projects has been engineered to remove the need for external columns, creating seamless, flush façades.  The palette of colours for the steel envelope has also been expanded from 20 to 55, giving architects and designers genuine creative freedom without having to specify secondary cladding. 

The modular buildings can be finished in a wider range of colours to complement or contrast with adjacent schemes – or multiple shades and colours can be specified for a single façade to create a lively, vibrant and impactful exterior.

Other external finish options include render, brickwork, timber or rainscreen cladding, which can either be installed off site at the Portakabin production centre in York or on site according to programme and individual project requirements.

Yorkon off-site solutions now offer literally thousands of design configurations and permutations, manufactured with optimum efficiency to suit almost any site or building footprint.  There is also the widest choice of glazing – from full height curtain walling to ribbon windows – and roofing options to create bespoke, landmark buildings and outstanding, award-winning architecture.